Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

Dear Mom

by Rahma Yudi Amartina on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 12:20pm ·

Dear Mom,

You might not a person with sweet words to say to me

You might not a woman with a bunch of gifts as my birthday presents

You might not a mother with a kiss on my forehead every night


You are a person who notices me from afar

You are a woman who watches every step that I take

You are a mother who cries louder than I do

When I am hurt, or if I got hit


So many times I really wished

I could talk to you when I am happy

I could tell you that I am upset

Or run to you for being hurt and lost


I just got no bravery to do so

I could only dream and wish

That someday I will be able to sing:

“I knew I love you before I met you,
I think I’ve dreamt you into life.”


“I have died everyday waiting for you,
Darling don’t be afraid, I have loved you
For a thousand years, and for a thousand more.”


Thank you for giving me birth

Thank you for growing me up

Thank you for crying for me

Thank you for letting me call you “MOM”

With sincere love,

March 28, 2012 (11:12 PM)